Osu Children’s Library Fund, Canada, and Osu Library Fund, Ghana, work in partnership with local authorities and communities to develop a network of dynamic community libraries, primarily in Ghana.


The first library was founded in 1990, under a tree in Accra, Ghana’s capital, when Canadian Kathy Knowles, who was then living there with her husband, John, and family, read books to neighbourhood children.

On Nov. 13, 1992, the first permanent library opened in a converted 40-foot shipping container with Joana Felih taking charge as its full-time librarian.

Since its beginning, OCLF/OLF has built eight freestanding libraries in the Greater Accra Region and has helped more than 200 smaller library initiatives in the country along with assistance to projects outside its borders. Local municipalities are responsible for payment of salaries and utilities.


Sharing the Joy of Reading with African children

Creating vibrant libraries stocked with meaningful books and friendly librarians

Fostering community partnerships to ensure sustainability

Offering life-changing adult literacy classes

Encouraging expression through performance and visual arts