Another Jerusalema Dance Challenge!!

Members of New Legends dance troupe and children and head librarian Joana Anane-Nsiah from our Korle Gonno Community Library rose to this exciting challenge. Link to come!

Ishmael, OCLF’s newest publication

Ishmael, another dual language (Dangme/English) board book, will be ready to ship to Ghana this month. Osu Library Fund will freely distribute hundreds of copies of this title to mothers who regularly attend family planning clinics in the Ada West District of Ghana.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge!

Please click anywhere on the above title. It will take you a video where you can enjoy a performance by the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company at our Nima Centre. Enjoy!

A Christmas Piñata

Children and staff members from the Kathy Knowles Community Library, Osu, enjoy an annual tradition of breaking open a piñata. It was made at their library!

An exciting Workshop

Nima and Maamobi participants attended a workshop at the Nima Centre and learned how to make soap, hand sanitizer, beaded products, and leather sandals.

A reading clinic in Goi

Ghanaian children have been away from school since mid-March and will be returning in mid-January. During this period, librarians at Goi initiated an exciting reading clinic to help children with literacy-enhanced learning activities.