The Land of Plenty

Joana Felih (left), a longstanding librarian and a good cook, displays a page from The Land of Plenty, a Ghana-centric word book written by Kathy Knowles and illustrated by Toby Newsome. Justine Ativor, a colleague, is with her.

Live theatre at the Nima Centre

The Kathy Knowles Theatre Company and the House of Good News Foundation performed The Spirit of Adzido by Isaac Abban on April 2. The Centre’s Martin Adjei Legend directed the production.

World Colour Day

Our libraries celebrate March 21 to recognize the important role colour plays to make our world a better place.

Ishmael, OCLF’s newest publication

Ishmael, a Dangme/English board book, will arrive in Ghana soon. We will distribute copies to mothers attending family planning clinics in Ada West.

Jerusalema Dance Challenge!

Click on the above title. It will take you a video dance performance by the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company, Nima Centre, Accra.