Volunteer Reflections

Made for volunteer reflections

Beth Cramer – 2010

Beth Cramer of Boone, NC, USA, spent one month visiting a number of OCLF libraries to do research for her Doctoral Dissertation on Educational Leadership at Appalachian State University. (2010)

Andrew Amenyogbe – 2011

Andrew Amenyogbe of Vancouver, BC, Canada, spent three weeks helping out at both the Kathy Knowles Community Library and the new Accra College of Education Community Library.His father, Roger Amenyogbe, has been involved with OCLF for many years as an architect, including the design of the new library. (2011)

Nelly Amenyogbe – 2012

Nelly Amenyogbe of Vancouver, BC, Canada,, spent one week in Goi and time visiting other OCLF libraries. Like her brother, Andrew, who volunteered in 2011, she had the opportunity to visit libraries that her father, Roger Amenyogbe, had designed. She also enjoyed time dancing with the Kathy Knowles Theatre Company Ltd. at the Nima Centre. (2012)

Alice And Ed Moulton – 2012

Alice Moulton, a Canadian volunteer with OCLF for the past 12 years, and her husband, Ed, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, attended the 20th anniversary of the Kathy Knowles Community Library and visited numerous library projects. (2012)

Anne Simpson – 2012

Anne Simpson of Antigonish, NS, Canada, did poetry workshops, helped theatre director Martin Legend with his ambitious first novel and spent two weeks helping in Goi. (2012)

George Hutchinson – 2013

George Hutchinson of Hampshire, United Kingdom, spent one month at the Kathy Knowles Community Library in Accra helping at their reading clinic and then visiting other libraries in Accra. (2013)