Joana Felih

Joana has been with us since 1991 and was appointed Head Librarian of the Kathy Knowles Community Library in 1992. “I am very excited to work here. Every day I watch children reading and see adults learning. This puts a smile on my face.” Joana

Kate akwa

Kate became Head Librarian of the Nima Maamobi Community Library in 2014. Soon after she initiated a school outreach program. “I’m motivated when children ask for more stories. I feel that I am impacting good things to them.” Kate

Sharon Opoku-Gyan

Sharon became Head Librarian of the Mamprobi Gale Community Library in 2011. She and her colleagues initiated an annual Food and Arts Exhibition. “I love watching them play and enjoy the books. This is the right place for me!” Sharon

Abigail Elisha

Abigail was appointed Head Librarian of the Nungua Community Library when it opened in 2003. She maintains a calm welcoming atmosphere despite the high numbers. “I love working with children. The library provides the perfect opportunity.“ Abigail

Naomi Awusi

Naomi started when the Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre opened in 2006. She plans programs to address local concerns. Martin Adjei Legend is the Centre’s talented Theatre Director. “Not only is it a quiet place to acquire knowledge, it is a place to improve your critical thinking. I love my job.” Naomi

Vivian Amanor

In 2001, Vivian started in a classroom, and seven years later the Kathy Knowles Community Library (Goi) opened. She is passionate about books and has authored three.Anytime I am with children I feel very great because I learn from them and they learn from me.Vivian

Matilda Mercer Yeboah

Matilda was appointed Head Librarian of the Accra College of Education Community Library when it opened in 2011. Her leadership has fostered volunteerism. “I have the responsibility of making the library a citadel of academic excellence for everyone.” Matilda

Joana Anane-Nsiah

Joana accepted the position of Head Librarian of the Korle Gonno Community Library in 2014 with enthusiasm. The position demands constant monitoring because of its proximity to the sea. It’s a joy to see children coming in. I am so proud to be part of this vision.” Joana