Kathy Knowles Community Library, Accra (1992)

OCLF’s first library is in a container and offers literacy and ICT classes, cultural dancing, and school visits. Our books are sold here, and library training is possible.

HOURS: Mon to Fri 9 – 5 and Sat 9 – noon
CONTACT: Joana Felih 027 745 2380;

Nima Maamobi Gale Community Library, Accra (1998)

The Nima library offers literacy classes, a food program, and daily school visits. Children are involved in theatre activities at the adjacent Nima Centre. 

HOURS: Mon to Sat 9 -5
CONTACT: Kate Akwa 024 398 1884;

Mamprobi Gale Community Library, Accra (2001)

The Mamprobi library is near a school, and students rush there during break times. It offers daily ICT instruction, art enrichment, and Saturday dance classes.

: Mon to Sat 9 – 5
CONTACT: Sharon Opoku-Gyan 024 398 097;


Nungua Community Library, Nungua (2003)

The Nungua library is one of our busiest. Their generous and well-treed compound with ping pong tables and colourful benches creates a park-like setting. 

HOURS: Mon to Sat 9 -5
CONTACT: Abigail Elisha 054 241 7557;

Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre, Accra (2006)

The Centre with its treed forecourt is a community hub. Students study, youth rehearse, adults attend literacy classes, and community leaders host workshops. 

HOURS: Mon to Fri 9 –  9 and Sat 9 – 5
CONTACTS: Naomi Awusi (Director) 020 029 5040;
Martin Adjei Legend (Theatre Director) 024 409 1006;

Kathy Knowles Community Library, Goi (2008)

The Goi library is in a fishing village east of Accra. Literacy classes are popular, and the library has its own football team. Many students come in the evenings too.

HOURS: Mon to Fri 9– 5 and Sat 9 – noon 
CONTACT: Vivian Amanor 054 149 9528;

Accra College of Education Community Library (2011)

Children and tertiary students frequent this library. Everyone looks forward to its annual Kathy Knowles Reading Competition. 

HOURS (adults): Mon to Fri 9 – 9 and Sat 9 – 5
HOURS  (children): Mon to Sat 9 – 5
CONTACT: Matilda Mercer-Yeboah 020 860 863;

Korle Gonno Community Library, Accra (2014)

The Korle Gonno library has a junior and senior section, an auditorium with a good-sized stage, and ocean views! Musicians Without Borders offer music lessons. 

HOURS (adults): Mon to Fri 9 – 9 and Sat 9 – 5
HOURS (children): Mon to Sat 9 – 5
CONTACT: Joana Anane-Nsiah 024 472 8224;

Wokumagbe Community Library, Ghana (2018)

This informal mini-library is one of seven in fishing and salt mining villages. Twice weekly, children gather to read and listen to stories. OCLF pays dedicated lay librarians along with providing materials.

In 2019, these seven libraries recorded 75,000 visits.

Anansekrom Garden Library, Accra (2018)

Irene Togobo, a teacher-librarian at Korle Gonno, and her husband started a library in their garden. On Sundays,  children gather to read and listen to stories. OCLF donated books and furnishings.

Since 1990, we have supported more than 200 similar initiatives.

Kathy Knowles Community Library, Kablevu (2020)

This library was among the mini informal libraries started in 2018. In 2019, the Merck Family Foundation gave funds to build a freestanding library. Kablevu’s chief pledged his support for salaries and ongoing expenses.

Head librarian Mabel Hoduameda opens the library from 9 – 4 Monday to Saturday.