Penny and Callie Giaccone – 2011

Today was Jennifer’s* 14th birthday. When we got home from the library, Callie asked Joanna if they could make a cake. I was skeptical.  How were the two of them going to maneuver in that tiny kitchen? What receipe were they going to use? Did they have all the ingredients? I kept quiet however and Joanna left to get some pop and ice cream cups, as an added treat to the birthday meal. The girls were on their own. I heard lots giggling and clattering coming from the kitchen. After quite awhile, I could smell chocolate cake wafting through the little house. They had done it! I looked in and saw Callie with flour on her nose and Jennifer with flour on hers. What was the flour all about? Callie reminded me of how we would all “flour” our noses before baking, when she was small. She thought it a Canadian custom! When they heard that it was only a Giaccone custom they decided not to wipe it off! I will go to bed tonight with the image of two teenagers and their floured noses! I don’t think either one expected to make a friend but in the “flow” of the good feelings the library create, that is just what happened.

*Jennifer is Joana Felih’s daughter. Joana runs the library guesthouse and she is also the charge librarian.