Stacey-Ann Morris – 2011

Madame Abigial was really sweet and warm, and I can tell that she has a passion for her job. She was really great to work with. The few days that I spent at the library were amazing. The kids were incredible. I was really amazed by the structure of the libray. Very clean, a lot of books, and very welcoming. Each day, a huge group of children would enter into the library after school and select a book to read. Some would read to others. Others just copied the words into their notebooks. Madame Abigail was flexible with me, and she allowed me to do variety of crafts, games and activities with the kids. As well, I was able to lead some basic computer literacy classes to the students. I brought my laptop, and I taught them how to use the keyboard. This went really well, and they enjoyed the sessions. Overall, my experience was worthwhile.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to volunteer. I wish I could have stayed longer. Next time, I visit Ghana, I will make sure to visit again. I also want to thank you for your continual support and dedication to this project. It is amazing how many kids enter the library, and you can tell they are eager to learn and read. They wouldn’t have had the opportunity without you. So, thank you for this!